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The Story of Hidesign


From its artisan roots of a two man workshop to a company of 3000 spread all over the world, Hidesign has stayed focused on innovation based on its strong heritage of craftsmanship.  Hidesign stands out for the sensuous naturalness of its high quality leathers and the smooth soft glow of its solid brass fittings in its leather goods.


Hidesign is a recognised leader in the research of the ecological use of vegetable tanned leathers for its leather goods. Learning from the centuries old skills of tanning with natural seeds and barks, Hidesign has created fashionable leathers that age exceptionally well. The heritage of fine hand craftsmanship is visible in the details that make Hidesign products stand out and exclusive.


The history of Hidesign has been defined by the rebellion against uniformity and synthetic flatness of the mass market. Starting in 1978, it has been driven by the passion of a multi-cultural group of a design oriented team. From small alternative shops in San Francisco and London, it moved to the first adventurous department stores in the early 1990s in London, California and Australia. From the first exclusive boutique in 1998, Hidesign has grown to 84 exclusive stores and a distribution network in 23 countries that has placed its product in over 2000 stores. Hidesign’s rapid growth in the fastest growing economies of the world in Asia, Africa and Russia has positioned it for rapid growth in the future.