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Hidesign's Core Values


Hidesign’s brand values are always consistent and provide Hidesign a unique identity and great customer loyalty.


  1. Natural.  Hidesign sees great value in natural beauty. Our soft, sensuous leathers and smooth solid brass fittings speak of the highest quality natural materials. Hidesign does not cover its leathers with layers of pigments and paint or emboss it with artificial patterns to hide defects in low quality materials. Nor does Hidesign use electroplated steel or zinc fittings that do not age well.
  2. Ecological.  Hidesign believes in the highest ecological values. Hidesign is a leader in research on using vegetable extracts from seeds and barks for tanning to replace heavily polluting chemicals.
  3. Craftsmanship.  Every Hidesign product is uniquely handcrafted. There is no mass manufacture at Hidesign, and the great traditional skills of our craftsmen are encouraged to be perfected over years.
  4. Innovation.  Hidesign products are unique. The multicultural design team has won several international awards for its excellence and design leadership. True to its values, Hidesign constantly innovates to stay in touch with the continuing fast moving changes in the lifestyle of its customer.