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The Product


All Hidesign product lines reflect the Hidesign concept and when displayed together in our shops, create a harmonious image that reflects the sophisticated lifestyles of our customers.

Hidesign sees great value in natural beauty. Our soft, sensuous leathers and smooth solid brass fittings speak of the highest quality natural materials. Hidesign does not cover its leathers with layers of pigment and paint or emboss it with artificial patterns to hide defects in low quality material. Nor does Hidesign use electroplated steel or zinc fittings that do not age well.

 Only solid brass buckles are used for Hidesign products, each piece having been individually sand cast and hand polished, reflecting old saddlery traditions. Fittings that are not produced in our foundry are imported from the most respected suppliers in Europe and the rest of the world. Our traditional methods allow us to produce a product that is rich in character, texture and individuality. Each bag is therefore, by it's nature, a limited edition.

 The Hidesign product range:

  1. Bags.  Our core classic range of briefcases, handbags, wallets are made from vegetable tanned “Classic” leather and our oil tanned smooth “Ranch” leather. These styles are always contemporary, sophisticated and ideal for the successful executive lifestyle. The fashion ranges change four times a year reflecting Hidesign’s continuous innovation and respond to the constantly changing lifestyles of our international customers. A variety of leathers and colors are constantly developed by our designers and research labs for these ranges.
  2. Leather garments. A wide range of garments reflects a continuous adaptation to the latest fashion tendencies. Lightweight leathers reflect a casual but sophisticated lifestyle.
  3. Small leather goods.  An extensive range of classic small leather goods and a constantly changing range of fashion accessories complement the handbags. Used along with the bags, the effect is stylish and harmonious.
  4. Belts.  Hidesign’s ranges of classic and casual belts are made out of full grain cowhide and solid brass buckles. The high quality of the full grain leathers (as against regenerated leathers) and solid brass buckles instead of electroplated buckles clearly identifies the hidesign belt as luxurious and sophisticated.
  5. Sunglasses. Laying emphasis on the values of a brand known to be natural, the sunglasses are devoid of plastic and have been made using acetate, metal and vegetable tanned leather. Acetate is manufactured using wood pulp as a raw material and it has been shown to be bio-degradable. The Sunglasses are hand finished, natural and 100% UVA & UVB protected. The metal frame sunglasses are also polarized.